A simple framework for the sandbox

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What is BasicFrame?

Made to be small but easy to extend, it works great for creating simple websites and applications for your development sandbox. It's main goal is to allow the developer to add their own PHP classes and seamlessly work with them throughout the framework without having to refactor them, as well as to easily add functionality to the framework itself.


By using MVC is a great way to development website and application that can be built upon and having a small framework to help get started is even better.


PHP is great for generating HTML but when working with template separating the two can make editing and changing templates much easier and faster.


Many times core functionality will need to be added or extending and having a framework that allows you to easily do so allows faster development.

Easy Building

Add your own classes

We all like to build and being able to do it with ease is even better. BasicFrame is meant to help with your building when creating small website and applications fast without have to learn a new coding convention.

Design Friendliness

Easily add temapltes

By separating the presentational code from the PHP code and using tags to insert data it allows you to use basic HTML files for the design that makes editing and changing your templates much easier.

Download it and start building. See how fun and easy it is!

For more information and development documentation check out the Docs Page